ACFC is a new and exciting service, priding ourselves on a strong team of enthusiastic, dedicated and professional coaches with many years’ experience of coaching children. As we know, both children and parent’s have very busy lives, therefore we have designed a school programme to fit around the times of your child’s school timetable. This programme offers before and/or after school child care, whilst ensuring an active, engaging and positive start and/or end to their busy school day.


ACFC understands the importance of physical education in a child’s life and the positive impact it can have, both mentally and physically. With this in mind, ACFC is keen to support schools, both primary and secondary, to develop a passion for sport, while supporting teacher’s in their quest for physical literacy.

Not only does ACFC draw upon worldwide and professional academy level experience, coaches also have a full understanding of the national curriculum’s expectations and more recently, Ofsted’s requirements within a deep dive. School’s are able to book ACFC coaches in to run physical equation replacement sessions within the school day. These sessions are all based around the purposeful play concept in which all children will be engaged while having numerous touches of the ball. 


ACFC offers personalised sessions for staff professional development days and/or meetings. These sessions are based on worldwide experience within physical education and present numerous games and ideas for the staff to steal, adapt and discuss. These sessions are bespoke to each school with ACFC incorporating the school's philosophy and requirements into the training.


Weekly sessions can be arranged over the course of a term, where the timings of the coaching sessions will be tailored around the school’s preferred times. Our normal training times are 7.30am – 8.30 am and/or 3.30pm – 4.30pm, however, timings will be adapted depending on the school.


7.00am – ACFC coach arrives at the school to set up

7.30am – As players arrive, they are given a ball each to work on their skills

7.40am – Dynamic warm up with the ball

7.45am – Fun skill game to conclude the warm-up

7.55am – Small sided games of 1v1, 2v2, 3v2, 3v3 etc

8.20am – Cool down and de-brief

8.30am – ACFC coach walks all children safely into their individual classes

Sessions are held on school grounds, allowing children to be dropped off/picked up by their parents on the school site. We will conduct the session on the school field, school gymnasium or any appropriate indoor/outdoor area.

Our aim is to maximise engagement with every child throughout the session, therefore the maximum children we would have per coach is 12. Children would be split into groups according to their age, allowing all age groups to attend. Experience or knowledge of the game is not essential, enthusiasm is encouraged and ability is not a criterion.

Our sessions will always be fun and engaging, therefore football experience or knowledge of the game is not a necessity. We ensure that all messages throughout the session are positive and encouraging, both for physical and social development, therefore ability is not a required. While ability is not a requirement, behaviour, listening and sportsmanship is, and is a necessity should a child wish to improve, but also to take part in any ACFC session.

Our worldwide experience of the game, both playing and coaching, allows us to design our sessions with the main focus of not only improving the participants as players, but also people. Each session children will be learning new techniques within the game of football, whilst starting their school day in a positive manner having been engaged in a fun and positive environment.

If you are interested in ACFC coming to your school, please contact us via email at or call Andy on 07568316487

For more information or to enquire about our school programmes contact us.